The Process

Step One – “Clean

The deck must be cleaned free of dirt, mold, or previous stain. A cleaning agent is applied to emulsify the soils. If a previous stain must be removed, a stripping agent is applied to dissolve the pre-existing stain. The cleaning agents we use are 100% biodegradable.

We then wash the deck using a low pressure yet high volume cleaning technique to ensure that the wood is cleaned thoroughly and safely.


After the deck has been washed thoroughly, the pH of the wood must be balanced! A wood brightener is applied not only to enhance the natural look of the wood but also to balance pH. This ensures that the stain will form the best possible bond with the wood.

At this point, we leave you with color samples so you can choose which tint or color best suites your taste. We will return once the deck has dried to 18% moisture content or less. This can take anywhere between 12-36 hours depending on weather conditions.

Step Two – “Sand” 

Once we verify, using a moisture meter, that the wood is at 18% moisture content or less, we will begin to sand the horizontal surfaces of the deck. Sanding helps to remove minor imperfections from your deck, open up the pores of the wood so that it readily accepts stain, and promote a uniform finish when the stain is applied. Any sanding dust is blown off of the deck.

If minor repairs are to be done, they will be done at this point.

Step Three – “Stain & Seal

Immediately following the sanding process we will stain your deck using the product and color previously determined. Much care is taken to protect plants and the exterior of your home. Manufacturers instructions are carefully followed to ensure maximum protection provided by the stain. Generally, 6 hours of clear weather are needed before it can rain post-staining and 12-24 hours needed before the deck can be used as normal.